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Brian Vahaly

I was forced to retire from the ATP professional tennis tour in 2006 due to rotator cuff surgery. After a year of physical therapy to rehabilitate my shoulder, I realized more surgeries were needed and it was time to move on to my next career. During that year of transition, I gained 20-25 pounds as I continued to eat like an athlete while I was no longer training like one.

When I began working with Drew, we set very clear goals and expectations regarding what I hoped to accomplish in my sessions with him. He encouraged me to keep a food log and to not only work hard inside the gym, but to take notice of my food intake as well. Drew knew I needed to start with an achievable goal to get back to a healthy lifestyle so we set an initial goal, which was for me to lose 10 pounds in the first 2 months. We worked very hard in the gym on a great program that changed daily and included both cardio and weight training. Drew varied the workouts every time making my experiences interesting and challenging, but even more importantly, he kept me motivated and focused. Drew and I greatly exceeded our initial goal and I’m proud to say that Drew helped me lose about 20 pounds in that initial two-month period.

Every few months, we discuss new short-term goals and determine new challenges for me. I’ve made a few easy changes in my diet with Drew’s help, which have made a world of difference in my weight and energy level. I’m sure he wishes I’d make more extensive changes, but fortunately, he understands that I hold carbohydrates and desserts close to my heart. Change takes time.

After traveling the world playing tennis for over 11 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best trainers in the world. I can confidently say that Drew is one of the best and he will be very committed to your development. You couldn’t find a nicer guy who somehow finds a way to make an hour at the gym fun and highly productive. If you are serious about getting in shape and learning more about nutrition, then you have come to the right place.

Bob Fowler

When I started working with Drew over a year ago, Approaching my 51st birthday I reached a point in my life where I looked back and questioned decisions made and looked forward hoping to make the best decisions for my family, my career and myself. An area that certainly needed attention was my overall health and fitness -- I was overweight, barely active and had recently begun taking both cholesterol and blood pressure medications. I needed to change and decided to finally take action but I knew I needed a partner to guide and motivate me on the journey.

After some research I reached out to Drew and we discussed my current condition and my goals of losing 30 pounds and improving my overall fitness level. Drew provided some fantastic recommendations and we agreed to meet at the gym for a workout. Based on my goals, Drew quickly developed a plan that included an intense focus on nutrition, which included keeping a food log and a workout that kick-started my metabolism while improving my overall strength. Drew ensured each session was unique and challenging enough to make me think twice about showing up every day, which I continued to do like clockwork. Within the first few months, my weight dropped and my fitness level improved from me being barely able to do push-ups from my knees or run 1/4 mile to doing over 100 REAL push-ups per session and running 2 to 3 miles several times a week. Something else unexpected happened -- my doctor took me off both the blood pressure and cholesterol medications several months ago based on the progress Drew and I made.

I've been working with Drew now for over 7 months, lost 35 pounds including 5 - 6 inches off my waist, and improved my overall fitness level. Even now, Drew continues to be a great motivator, dedicated partner and I'd even say good friend who is eager to see me succeed.

If you are looking for a personal trainer, make that partner, I can provide no higher praise or recommendation than what I have for Drew.

I have to admit, thanks to Drew, when I look in the mirror these days I am happy with what I see.

Shawn Devine

When I started working with Drew over a year ago, I was looking for someone who could help me put some energy back into my workouts. I could tell that Drew and I were a good match from our first session. Some people are so well-suited to their work that it’s difficult to see them in a different role. Personal training is such a natural fit for Drew that I can’t imagine him putting his talents to any better use. He combines an intuitive ability to read people with his extensive professional knowledge to tailor an individual strategy to best motivate each of his clients. Add to that patience, professionalism, a consistently positive attitude, and a sense of humor and you get a picture of Drew’s approach to his work.

In over a year of working with Drew I’ve achieved the results I was looking for. I’ve pushed myself on good days, been pushed on bad days, and, on occasion, had some useful attitude adjustments! I leave each workout feeling better than when I began. And I’ve also found the renewed motivation I needed to start enjoying my time at the gym again.

Stephen Fusco

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

While inspirational can be clichéd to describe a personal training experience, I waned to use a quote in this instance so people know that working out with Drew is more than just a it is a journey down a path you have not traveled in the past. When I began working with Drew, I had little motivation and many ideas about what it meant to exercise.

After 2 years of training with Drew, I can not think of a better person to lead you down a path you have not traveled and leave a trail for others. Drew changed the way I think about exercising, eating, running and living my life. If you want to make it work, Drew will teach you a way of life more than an exercise routine. If you follow his advice and stick with it, you can’t go wrong and you will see amazing results. Drew does not dictate a certain workout program or style but rather tailors a program to your needs. If you follow his tailored plan, you will see results.

I have lost 30 pounds, 5 inches off of my waist and substantial gains in my chest, arm and leg size. I am a long distance runner and Drew helped me get where I need to be with my long and short runs. I shaved 14 minutes off of my long runs and 8 minutes off of my short runs. I ran my first marathon in two years after training with Drew and I reached my personal best time.

Drew is a motivational trainer who helps make all of your fitness goals possible. He is a constant motivation and will stick by you until you get where you need to be. Even when you are not into a workout, Drew will bring positive energy to get you motivated to make it happen.

Thanks Drew!

Gregory Roberts

After several weeks of using my new gym membership, I realized that I was getting no where and had no clue what I was doing. I quickly talked myself into taking short cuts and leaving the gym after a short time. While struggling through my “workouts” for these weeks I noticed several trainers working with their clients. But one in particular always seemed to be able to challenge and motivate his clients. Drew Dinwiddie was the first trainer I called – and I am glad I did.

Drew was standing by my side on our first day when I weighed in at 167 pounds. I told him I wanted to gain more muscle mass. Two years later Drew was standing by my side when I weighed in at 200 pounds! Not only had I gained the weight I wanted but I understood how to workout on my own and had the confidence that I was lacking before. Recently Drew was standing by my side when I weighed in at a leaner than ever 195 pounds! I am happy with the way I look and feel and thank Drew for pushing me beyond my perceived limits.

Drew is still my trainer after several years of working out. If you are considering a personal trainer to get started with your fitness goals or would like help with your current training regimen, you owe it to yourself to enlist Drew’s knowledge and expertise to assist you in your goals.

Adam Pruett

Having never worked with a personal trainer before, I was anxious that it was going to be hard to find someone who wouldn’t yell at me or make me feel inferior. Working with Drew has been anything but the contrary. Even though each of our workouts are very challenging, I admire his high level of professionalism, as well as his continuous encouragement. With Drew, I know that he is pushing me only because of his dedication and belief in me.

I can’t begin to explain how my life has changed since working with him. Through our hard work, as well as dieting with Good Measure Meals, I've lost 45 lbs and increased my muscle mass by almost 30 percent! It's such an amazing feeling to see old friends who compliment me, fit into skinny clothes, and simply have the energy to enjoy life again. Our hard work has changed my life in so many ways for the better; I've gained so much confidence. I look forward to our continued partnership as Drew continues to challenge me and help me achieve my goals.

Mark Schaffer

Over the years I have worked with several trainers who were more interested in what they looked like in the mirror than in training me. I was prepared to, once again, slide through each session and be shuffled between cancellations.

When I first hired Drew my only agenda was to force myself back to the gym. I had no real fitness goals for myself and was in need of direction. I was very happy to learn that Drew was quite different from any trainer I had ever worked with in the past.

Drew is, without a doubt, the most considerate, knowledgeable and professional trainer that I have ever worked with. People often use the word dedicated or committed to describe another's character. Drew defines these words through example. Not only is he dedicated to the profession of personal training but he is also committed to me as an individual. He is consistent and persistent with his message and is a constant reminder of my potential. I now have set goals for myself and with Drew's direction and support I know I will not fail. The longer I train with Drew the more disciplined I have become and through this discipline I have seen amazing results.

Molly Dana

For my entire life I have been "the fat kid." I guess I had just accepted the fact that I was overweight and even began to believe that because of my genetics I was always going to be overweight.

Well that is what I believed until I met Drew. I was a size 20, weighing in at 225 pounds, and eating Moes Burrittos as a healthy alternative to my usual Wendy's Big Bacon Classic (Biggie size the fries and coke, of course). Drew gave me an easy to follow and realistic meal plan and a specific cardio routine and I listened. We worked out together three times a week and that first month was painful!

After only a few months the weight was melting off, every time I saw an old friend they would tell me how fabulous I look. I feel so much better, I have more energy, confidence, better skin... everything looks better. I have had other trainers before but I have never had results like this! I'm not saying it was easy and I couldn't have done it without Drew. He calls me throughout
the week to check up on my diet and exercise. He truly cares about my success and besides my parents he is my biggest fan!

So far training with Drew I have lost 38 pounds and I have gone down to a size 12! Drew has helped me look at food as fuel for my body rather than an escape and I even enjoy running now. I can't believe how great I look, I check myself out every time I pass a mirror!

Mike McIntire

Drew has been instrumental in helping me achieve a weight loss goal of 22lbs. I've taken three inches off my waistline and kept them off. Drew has also helped me be more attentive to diet and cardio as part of the overall program.

When you train with Drew, workout routines are challenging, and you’ll never be bored. His drive and professionalism are a rare find, and with his guidance, I’ve been able to increase my energy levels, improve my diet, and gain overall strength.

I have been stopped in the airport by people who haven’t seen me in years and they compliment me on how much better I look. I owe those compliments to Drew’s determination to help me achieve my goals.


Robert Shults

Since beginning working out with Drew I have gained significant amounts of muscle strength, decreased my time in the gym and added variety to my workouts. My chest, arms, and abs have gotten bigger, my body has also gotten significantly more defined and cut and I have lost 2-3 inches off my waist. I have also managed to lose an additional 10 lbs which has assisted me in reaching the 50 lb weight loss goal I set for myself. Working out with Drew has given me the discipline to continually set workout and training goals for myself, the knowledge to work smarter in the gym, and the drive to stay committed to maintaining a better body. I have always worked out but haven'tgotten head turning results until I started working out with Drew. He also makes it fun and entertaining, but at the same time, serious and focused. I look forward to a lifetime of benefits from his expertise. Thanks Drew!

Faye Mobley

My husband recently told me,"You look good" and my response was, "You can thank Drew."

Drew has helped me rethink my approach to maintaining good health and being physically fit. He encourages me to eat, but to watch what I eat. Our workouts are fun, yet his professionalism is evident. Proper technique is key to our workouts. Now, I enjoy workouts on my own. I don't wander around the gym trying to think about what to do next; I know what to do! Drew pushes me to a point I would never have gone on my own, therefore motivating me to strive for that next goal. Drew has helped me tone those hard to tone areas; now when I put on those pants that once again fit perfectly, I say, "Thanks, Drew!"


Esau Holmes

Working with Drew has made tremendous changes in my life. From the beginning Drew said diet and exercise would be key factors. He has been very helpful in teaching me how to choose a diet that offers a variety of healthy foods and as a result my energy level has been very high and I no longer feel sluggish throughout my day. My cholesterol levels have also greatly improved.

With Drew's help I've lost twelve pounds of fat and two inches from my waist. My productivity levels increased at home and work and I get more accomplished in a day. I've received numerous positive comments about my improved appearance and attitude. My family, friends and coworkers were amazed... and so am I.

Drew is a motivator and a teacher and I am happy to have made an investment with him in my long-term health and quality of life. I do my best to stay disciplined with my diet and additional cardio throughout the week and the fact that Drew is committed to my success helps keep me motivated.